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ITF honours the impact of 3-star or better targets across the world

19 June 2017

The work of iRAP partners across the world to implement 3-Star or better targets for existing roads and new road designs has been honoured by the International Transport Forum.

At this year’s ITF Transport Awards in Leipzig, the work of iRAP to coordinate global adoption of the 3-star or better targets was given a ‘special mention’ by the jury. The jury recognised that the 3-Star or better campaign involves diverse stakeholders and praised the campaign for its ‘significant achievements worldwide.’

The achievements reflect the great work by leading governments in a range of countries including the Netherlands, New Zealand, UK, Spain, Australia and Malaysia to set and make progress towards 3-star or better roads. It also includes the leading work of development banks like the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Caribbean Development Bank to work with governments to set star rating targets for new road projects across countries as diverse as India, China, Kazakhstan, Moldova, El Salvador, Belize and Brazil. In addition, it recognises the empowered advocacy of the members of the Fund for Global Health 3-star Coalition and the ongoing leadership of FIA auto clubs worldwide who are leading the call for action on safer roads.

New global standard for safety

iRAP CEO Rob McInerney, who attended the award ceremony, said: ‘Safer road infrastructure has the power and potential to save so many lives worldwide. The availability of infrastructure star ratings as the new global standard for safety for all road users including pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and vehicle occupants is unlocking this potential. iRAP partners worldwide are embracing the charity’s robust investment planning tools that provide the business case for safer roads and also deliver a simple metric to set policy targets and measure success.’

‘3-Star or better roads make economic sense and will save lives. Dollar for dollar in investment terms it’s one of the best returns on public health investment any country can make in reducing avoidable death and injuries on the roads. ITF’s recognition will provide confidence for policy makers worldwide to extend the success of the initiative and unite in our vision for a world free of high-risk roads.

The annual Transport Awards are one of the most prestigious international accolades for transport innovation. This year’s winner was the transformative Buenos Aires Integrated Urban Renewal Project (Metrobus 9 July) in Argentina which has shifted travel to safer and more sustainable travel in downtown Buenos Aires and reinvigorated the local economy. Further details of this scheme, and the Istanbul Metro Development and Integration Project, which also received a special mention, can be viewed here.

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